45 Day Challenge® Outstanding Leadership

In the last decade, technology has been a severe master, pushing us beyond our limits. Revealing to us that what was once impossible is now possible--even imminent.

Companies created within the last decade are the first generation businesses from what has been a wild and exciting rush of technological marvels and breakthroughs.

With new abilities come new opportunities, new expectations and demands...

Today's leader needs to be comfortable operating with unknowns. He or she needs to be willing to trust others before they've earned this trust. To coach and teach rather than lead and inspire. To be willing to embrace real risk and real change.

It's hard to do, especially when the old ways are still generating success.

Welcome to the 45 Day Challenge® Outstanding Leadership

Quite simply, the "45 Day Challenge® Outstanding Leadership" represents a new breakthrough in leadership development. What sets this apart from all other leadership programs is the intensive integration process that allows participants to take immediate action on what's learned.

This program is designed to take exceptional people such as yourself, to the next level of quality leadership by providing small, but powerful consistent principal-based steps to get you there.

Are you achieving today
at the expense of
tomorrow's successes?
This program helps support and build extraordinary mindset for people who aspire to become extraordinary. It will support you in communication on all levels and in any situation--and with anyone

This program is designed for all levels of management.

  • You will experience powerful breakthroughs in the quality of your leadership.
  • You'll discover new methods for expanding the available time for both personal and professional objectives by better aligning both your efforts and focus in these areas.
  • You'll gain a deeper and authentic connection with both your team and the organization you serve, and learn to achieve more powerful results with less effort and struggle.

Investing just 20 minutes a day, you'll begin to take small, but powerful actions each day in the areas of Leadership, Motivation, Focus, Communication, Performance and Team Building.

Each week you will watch a 20 minute with program creator, Rod Hairston, and each week you and your 45 Day Challenge team will dial into a 30 minute teleconference where you will participate in guided discussions and learn concepts designed to help you get the most from the program.

For those who have taken the Challenge before you, they have found the theme videos and team calls to be one of the best parts of the program

And After The Program?

If you would like ongoing support in further clarifying and integrating what you've experienced in the program, we offer an optional one-to-one coaching experience with one of Envision U's elite coaches.

Unleash Your Potential

It's Amazing What You Can Do in 15 Minutes a Day! When you think about it, 45 Days isn't a lot of time. And 15 minutes a day isn't a lot of time either. But when you commit to making big changes in your life in a short span of time and are held accountable to the changes you commit to make, you'll be amazed by what can happen.

The 45 Day Challenge helps you achieve your goals FASTER, set your sights HIGHER, and tackle life STRONGER like the champion you know you are.

Give Yourself the Gift You Deserve to Give Yourself - to Give Your Family - to Give Your Future Career.

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