The Challenge Event

Geared primarily for organizations, this is a one-day experiential and motivational program.

The Challenge Event is a fast-paced, intense program that teaches participants simple and effective principles to assist an organization’s team in maintaining focus and understanding the emotional states needed to consistently succeed.

Reaching people on a conscious and subconscious level, this program will help your people transform and breakthrough fear, doubt and the uncertainty of change.

The Challenge Event creates individuals that can make decisions based upon organizational outcomes, act upon those decisions, and most importantly be responsible for those decisions.

"A corporation is only as strong as its people. Without people being their best, and being emotionally influenced by the organizations’ vision, the organization will ultimately fail. Few companies take the time to empower, both emotionally and strategically the people they need to bring them success."

Rod Hairston
President, Envision U

Corporate Empowerment is the ability to work toward a common vision. It is the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows ordinary people to attain extraordinary results.

Bringing together what organization’s need and what individuals want has always been a challenge. Corporate Empowerment solves this.

Core Organizational Values Learned

  • Proactivity - Be willing to take action before urgency happens.
  • Consistency - Maintain a focused attitude and action towards organizational results.
  • Commitment - Buy into organization’s vision for their own reasons.
  • Accountability - Take ownership of their role and be responsible for company objectives.
  • Outstanding Attitude - Use personal empowerment to become possibility driven.
  • Integrity - Maintain the ethics and code of conduct of the organization.
  • Team - Realize nothing is accomplished long term without team effort.
A mortgage company under new management was suffering from poor morale, increased pressure from competition and a habit of reacting to urgency. Their sporadic focus kept them from the awesome sales they should have been enjoying because of the amazing talent they each possessed. What helped to align the team and receive the all-time record for sales and profits? The Empowerment Program.

Your team will learn to...

  1. Master their emotional states maintaining the momentum created.
  2. Utilize hidden potential to accomplish any outcome quickly and efficiently with more joy in the process.
  3. Take risks and expand potential by identifying and transforming uncertainty, fears and limiting beliefs into powerful success habits.
  4. Transform limiting attitudes and fears instantaneously with an unforgettable, life-changing experience of board breaking.
  5. Create that much desired success right where you are.
  6. Take the success habits from this training and integrate it into other areas of their personal life.

Each participant will take part in an exciting, information-packed event that will serve as a physical and psychological metaphor for breaking old limiting habits, fears and beliefs that hold them back from their true capability and elite performance.

Other experiential metaphors include: Board Breaking, Golf Synchronicity, Operation Scavenger Hunt, High Ropes Challenge, and Wilderness Retreat.