Attitude, Competency, Effort (ACE)

ACE is a state of the art web-based, interactive-coaching tool. It allows a leader to facilitate coaching and individual feedback at the highest level, promoting significant growth and continued progress.

ACE translates to 3 performance based principles: Attitude, Competence, and Effort, which are used to organize the coaching framework of the program. These three traits define peoples’ performance in their job and focus on what specific job behaviors create consistent success.

The ACE process fosters frequent discussion and creates coaching opportunities for leaders in the development of their team. Both the leader and a team member complete an assessment of the team member in each of the three ACE components, and then compare results. Human nature is to allow performance issues to go unaddressed and build until they become too big to ignore. ACE shows the different perceptions the leader and team member may have and allows them to address it before it becomes a crisis. Conversations are focused on proactively providing coaching and improving performance, not reactively handling issues and fixing problems.

ACE creates on-going coaching for each team member, focused on increasing specific behaviors and habits that lead to consistent growth and success in their job. Leaders are held accountable for guiding and developing their people to their highest potential. Team members are accountable for working to improve in specific areas.

The web-based ACE system is interactive, easy-to-use, and clearly defines for everyone the specific desired job behaviors for Attitude, Competence, and Effort. It provides detailed reporting and historical data for tracking progress. And most importantly, it provides a process for coaching, growth, and recognition that equips and empowers your team for success.