Envision-U is the leader in helping organizations and individuals translate strategy into results. Envision-U has been expressly designed to enhance both human and organizational programs with exciting new concepts that will not only teach empowerment principles, but also adds a unique accountability factor for ultimate sustainable results.

Our experience-based solutions focus on leadership, teamwork, performance and training the trainer. These training programs teach people from entry-level employees to company executives and CEO's how to be more effective by increasing their sphere of influence on the job and in their personal lives. Acting on the insights gained from Envision-U programs, many companies have successfully increased their revenue by 200% in less than one year.



Deciding on a direction is the key to all growth, wealth and success. We will support you in developing and deciding on a vision. We will then partner with you a plan to see it through.


The discipline, drive and support that's needed to create success habits is the focus of this program. We provide to you the system of change in the most convenient, measurable and efficient way.


Life is about focusing on and creating the desired results in every category of your life. We will help you discover, create a plan with you and help you get the results you're after in every area of life.


Habits can either serve you in your quest for more life or hold you hostage in a life of unfulfillment. Through persistence and focus we will support you in eliminating habits that are not serving you and help you create the habits of attitude, thinking and action that will guarantee a life of fulfillment.


As a result of consistent focus you will become more, it's the science of the mind. You will be more confident, more loved and more significant in your circle of influence. You will feel better about who you are and have more solid self-esteem.


Ultimately you will come into a place of inner peace and gratitude that no one can disturb. You will understand and integrate the system of growth. By understanding this principle and taking responsibility of this principle you come to a place of ultimate inner fulfillment.


Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil, Oracle, Disney, and many others have benefited from the influence based training Envision-U has consistently and successfully delivered all over the world.